Most Popular Golf Championships to Bet On

When betting on golf, you should understand all the different majors that take place around the world. Currently, there are four different majors, with one being held in the UK each year. All these major championships are available to bet on from most reliable online casinos and sportsbooks in the UK.

British Open

The British Open is also known as the Open Championship and is the last championship of each year. It’s known to be the only international golf championship outside of the USA. The open was established in 1860. The prize pool of the championships is standing at $11.5 Million, making the betting options just as rewarding due to the excitement and competitive betting.

The Masters

The masters are one of the most popular golf tournaments in the world. It starts the year’s championships. Each year, the Masters is hosted at the Augusta National golf course and has never changed locations. Betting on The Masters is easy as most of the well-known players will be present, and the competition is competitive, making an exciting gambling experience.

PGA Championships

The PGA championships are held each year at a different location and are the second major of each year’s golf championships. Although it’s an American championship, one can still bet on online casinos and consider an extensive number of 32Red games for further enjoyment.

US Open

The US Open Championships is the national championship of the USA in golf. IT stands as the most difficult of all four majors in golf. The difficulty of the tournament is due to the overall scoring methods, where the champion is usually only a few strokes under par. This makes for exciting betting.

All these majors can be bet on and are presented by trusted online casinos such as 32Red or Unibet in the UK with various betting options.

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