4 Anticipated Golf Events in the UK

Golf is very popular in the UK and gaining more popularity each year. In the UK, there are various events to attend or to watch live via streaming services. This article showcases some of the most anticipated golfing events for 2022, with the smallest to the largest events in mind.

These are some of the most anticipated golfing events for 2022.

BMW PGA Championships – 8 September – Surrey

The BMW PGA Championships will be taking place in Surrey at the Wentworth Golf Club. The tournament is the flagship event of the European Tour and the highlight of Wentworth’s calendar year. The tournament was founded in 1955.

Women’s Golf Day! – London – 7 June – London

The Women’s Golf Day will be held at the Greenwich Peninsula Golf Range as a two-day event from 7-9 June. The event’s overall goal is to encourage and celebrate women who play golf globally. The event provides everyone with the chance to try out golfing and meet amateur and pro golfers based in the UK.

The 0pen Championships – 10 July – St. Andrews

The Open Championships is UK’s biggest golf tournament. This year the tournament will e held at the Old Course, St Andrews, Scotland, from 10 to 17 July 2022. It is the oldest golf championship globally and maintains a solid tradition among golf fans from around the world. Attending the Open Championships as a spectator is a must for any fan of golf.

The Amateur Championship – St Annes

The Amateur Championship is taking place at the Royal Lytham & St Annes from June 13 – 18. The 2022 championship marks the 127th anniversary of the amateur’s league and will be showcasing its new 18-hole pre-qualifier preceding the championship. The Women’s Amateur Championships will be held in a different location in Hunstanton from 20 – 25 June.

Being founded d by the professional Golfers’ Association, this tournament is very popular among golf fans in the UK.

Visiting any of the events on this list will give fans of golf the chance to have a varied experience with amateur, pro, and just for fun events to witness the passion and love that the sport brings to each event.

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