Golf Blogs

For further information about golfing in the UK and to find out more about what golfing clubs are up to, visit any of the blogs on this list. All these blogs are based in the UK and provide details on golfing news, competitions, championships, events, and courses.

Golf Fun –

Golf Fun Blog believes that golf should always be fun. They aim to help beginners in the sport to have fun while learning the most important aspects of the game. They help you have more fun by giving advice, news, reviews on golfing equipment, and more.

Bunkered Magazine –

Bunkered Magazine is a one-stop golf resource magazine that exists to give fans everything they should want t to learn about regarding the sport. For the latest news, advice, photos, video, competitions, and articles on golfing travel destinations, visit Bunkered Magazine. The magazine was established in 2009 and published up to 17 articles each week.

Golf News –

Golf News is one of the most popular golfing blogs in the UK and provides a weekly free golf publication to those interested in the sport. Whether a beginner or professional, this is the most up to date magazine for golf in the UK. The magazine is specifically aimed at club golfers and posts up to 11 articles each week. Golf News was established in 2014 and quickly grew into one of the leading golfing news sources.

Golf Coach Access Blog –

Golf Coach is the top blog to visit for learning about the game. Being a beginner can be difficult with a challenging sport such as golf which makes it important to research the best advice available. Golf Coach Access can transform any beginner’s golfing technique.

The blogs on this list can help any beginner or advanced player to stay up to date on the latest golfing news while still being able to learn more from the professional players.