How to Bet on Golf

Golf has recently become one of the most popular sports to bet on in the UK. What makes betting on golf so exciting and popular is that every player has a chance of winning on any given day of the week. However, betting on golf goes far beyond just betting on the outcome of a tournament.

This short guide digs into the different types of bets to use with golf tournaments. Remember to study the sport to understand the rules and basics if you are not yet experienced.


With nationality betting, you can easily bet on which nation will win the highest places in a tournament and even which nationality the winning place will be.

Versus the Field

Another popular way to bet on golf. Just bet on the specific player you think will be winning or how they will fare against a specific group of players in the same tournament. The most popular world ranking golfers frequently get bet on using ‘versus the field’ betting.

Each Way

Most online casinos will present wagers where you can bet on the player you think will be winning a tournament. The difference between ‘each way’ and ‘to win’ is that with this bet, you can bet on which place your player will finish.

To Win

The most obvious and probably the best bet to start with is if you are new to betting on golf. This is where it’s important to know the players and their previous accomplishments. You can start your bet with a futures wager even before the start of a tournament.

Responsible sports betting is an entertaining activity to get into for fun. Online casinos provide great opportunities with golf betting wagers, get a Karamba login password and start betting on your favourite tournaments.

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